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The functions and duties of the sections coming under the Home Department are indicated below.


(1) Police Services – A Section

i) Service matters relating to Additional Superintendent (Non IPS) Deputy Superintendent of Police Sub Inspector and Asst. Sub-Inspector of various wings of Police department including Karnataka State Reserve Police.

ii) Service matters relating to Managers and clerical staff of the police department.

iii) Service matters relating to Employees of Forensic science Laboratory including Director Forensic Science Laboratory.

iv) Court cases relating to A, B and C officers of Police department/ Legislative matters of the above category of employees.


(2) Police Services – B Section 

i) Service matters relating to Head constable and Police Constable of the various of Police Department viz., Civil /Karnataka State Reserve Police/ Intelligence Department etc.

ii) Subject relating to President medals for meritorious /distinguished service to police personnel including Police Officers belonging to Indian Police Services, Chief Ministers Medals and Award of Cash Prizes.

iii) Training of police officers and staff/ Reserve Police and other staff.

iv) Revision petition of Police Personnel as per provisions conducted in Karnataka Police Act.

v) Complaints against Police personnel.

vi) Service /administration matters of employees of Karnataka police Housing Corporation .


(3) Auxiliary Services of Police 

i) Service matters relating to Gazetted and Non- Gazetted Fire Force Staff and emergency Services, Sainik Welfare, Prisons, Home guards and Civil defence.

ii) Subject matters relating to State Sainik Welfare Board and District Welfare Board and military Section and Ex-servicemen.

iii) Court cases relating to fire services, Home guards, and Civil defense.


 (4) Police Expenditure 

i) Sanction of Police Station/Outputs.

ii) Budget of Police Department/ Karnataka State Police Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited.

iii) Modernization of Police Forces

iv) Construction of police quarters

v) Release of grants for purchase of equipments/kit articles and Expenditure proposal relating to Police department and KSPHC

vi) Vehicle purchase, repairs and matters relating to police land

vii) Creation and continuation of Posts.


 (5) Prisons and Cinema 

i) Service matters relating to Gazetted staff of Prison Department.

ii) Construction of Jail Buildings and prisoners uniforms, meals, release of prisoners

iii) Parole of prisoners, State advisory boards and non-official committee of prisons.

iv) Cinema matters, National Human Rights Commission cases.


(6) Receipts and Issue 

i) Receiving tappals and other receipts and Issue of letters relating to Home Department.

ii) Marking it to the concerned sections and sending tappals and communication to other Department of Secretariat.

iii) Service matters relating to staff of Home Department

iv) Supply of stationary to all sections of Home Department.


(7) Co-ordination 

i) All co-ordination matters

ii) Matters relating to legislature.

iii) Subject matters relating to Budget and General information of all  Departments.

iv) Subject matters relating to Annual reports of Head of the Departments, Governor's Speech to other General Reports.

v) Conduct of Staff Meetings / Letter Monitoring System and Files Monitoring System.


(8) Crimes – A 

i) Criminal Investigation Department Cases Dowry death cases and other unnatural death cases

ii) lockup death cases

iii) National Human Rights Commission / Karnataka State Human Rights Commission cases Withdrawal of prosecution cases

iv) Grant of permission of prosecution of employees

v) Civil Rights Directorate,

vi) Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes cases

vii) Copyright / harassment of Women and Child Cases

viii) Complaints on Non-Financial Banking institutions.


(9) Crimes-B 

i) Supreme Court and High Court Writ petitions relating to Crime matters

ii) Various Criminal cases of various court in State

iii) Public complaints regarding Crimes Petitions

iv) criminal cases in general.


(10) Law and Order- A Section 

i) Matters relating to the Karnataka Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Drug-Offenders, Gamblers, Goondas, [Immoral Traffic Offenders, Slum-Grabbers and Video or Audio Pirates]  cases.

ii) Matters relating to Veerappan case.

iii) Subject matters relating to public protection of life and property.

iv) Issue and orders relating to important festivals.

v) Matters relating to protection of VIPs" during their visit to State.

vi) Subject matters relating to declaration of prohibited area.

vii) Subject matters relating to Terrorist and Disruptive Activities cases.

viii) Matters relating to protection cases.

ix) Subject matters relating to appointment of District Officer.

x) Providing information to Central Government on cases registered under sections 153 (a) and (b) of Indian Penal Code.

xi) Cases relating to National Human Rights Commission and Essential Service Maintenance Act.

xii) Proposals relating to Terrorism.

xiii) Law and Order files pertaining to Bengaluru and Bengaluru rural District and writ cases.

xiv) National Fund for Communal Harmony matter, Relief to victims during communal riots files and Kabir award matter.


(11) Law and Order –B 

i) Subject matters relating to establishment of Enquiry commissions and other matters relating to enquiry commission.

ii) Protection of Very Important Persons and Security Issues.

iii) Subject matters relating to prohibition of smoking

iv) Subject matters relating to Bank Security meetings

v) Matter relating to War book.

vi) Subject matters relating to new grants of permission under the Arms Act Form 11 and 12.

vii) Subject matters relating to renewal of Form 9.

viii) Subject matters relating to renewal of Gun license.

ix) Subject matters relating to extension of area.


(12) Cofeposa and Prosecution (Administration) 

i) Subject matters relating to appointments of Advocates under Cofeposa

ii) Matters relating to release of custodian's applications.

iii) Subject matters relating to calling meeting of Advisory Board.


(13) Passport and Foreigners 

i) VISA extension to foreigners

ii) No objection to return to India

iii) Registration of marriage in Respect of Christians under the Christians

iv) Grant of citizenship

v) Issue of Tibetan Non Resident of India and other related matters

vi) Registrations under foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act and Rules-

vii) Grant of extension of Stay to Foreigners in the state

viii) Issue of police clearance Certificate and other works relating to Foreigners. 


(14) Criminal Prosecution-I 

i) Matters relating to Criminal Litigation cases pertaining to Davanagere, Ballari, Chitradurga, Shimoga, Dharwad, Belagavi, Gadag, Bidar, Koppal,

Kalburgi, Raichur.


 (15) Criminal Prosecution-II 

1) Matters relating to Criminal Litigation cases pertaining to Bengaluru city and Bengaluru rural district court cases.

2) Matters relating to criminal litigation cases pertaining to Kolar, Tumkur, Mangalore, Udupi, Karwar, Mysuru, Kodagu, Chikkamaglur, Hassan and Mandya districts.


 (16) Head of Legal Cell 

Giving instructions and advise in Legal matters relating to High court, KAT and Supreme Court pertaining to Home Department. 

Authorization to the Government Advocate, to appear on behalf of the Government in legal matters.


(17) Internal Financial Adviser (IFA) 

         Government appoints an Internal Financial Advisor for a Department in consultation with the Finance Department. The inputs of the Internal Financial Advisor in the Secretariat's decision making process are: to examine and advice on all issues having an impact on the Department's budget, having a financial implication of a short, medium or long term nature, render advice on financial prudence, preparation of Department Budget tracking Audit Reports and action taken reports and the items covered in the Government of Karnataka (Consultation with FA) Rules and circulars/orders issued from time to time, Budget speech, MPIC matters, etc.


III. Details of Departments/ Corporations coming under the Administrative Control of the Home Department: 

The following Departments and Corporation fall under the administrative Control of the Home Department: 

a) Director General and Inspector General of Police.

b) Department of Prisons.

c) Director, Fire Force and Emergency Services.

d) Director, Home Guards and Civil Defence.

e) Department of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement.

f) Directorate of Prosecution and Government Litigation

g) Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation 



The organization, objectives, functions and duties of the Police Department are: 


           The Directorate General and Inspector General of Police is the Head of the Police Department in the State. Under him there are Director Generals in charge of Departments wings of the Police Department and Additional Directors General of Police. Additional Director Generals of police are in-charge of a particular function like Law and Order, Crime and Technical Services, Administration, Intelligence, Karnataka State Reserve Police, Recruitment and Training, Transport, Telecommunication and Modernization and Civil Rights Enforcement. There are four Commissionerates of Police is Bengaluru City, Hubli-Dharwad Mysuru City and  Mangalore City. Below the Additional Directors General of Police there are Inspectors General of Police. Six Inspectors General of Police are in-charge of Ranges, besides a number of Inspectors General of Police who are in-charge of specific functions. Each Range comprises 3 – 6 Districts in the Headquarters. Each District is headed by an Officer of the rank of Superintendent of Police. 



The objectives of the Police Department are to: 

a) Protect the lives and liberties of the people from criminal and anti-social elements and bring about improvement in the quality of life in society.

b) Earn the good will, support and active assistance of the community.

c) Co-ordinate with other wings of the criminal justice system.

d) Provide equal treatment to all regardless of caste, religion, social and economic status of political affiliations.

e) Promote human rights and show special consideration to women, children, senior citizens and weaker sections.

f) Strive to improve professional knowledge, skills and attitudes and adopt modern methods in police work.

g) Foster professional values in policing with special emphasis on integrity, impartiality and efficiency.




            Prisons are an integral part of the Criminal Justice System and function as custodians of prisoners. While the purpose and justifications of imprisonment sentence is to protect the society against crime, retribution and punitive methods of treatment of prisoners alone are neither relevant nor desirable in modern progressive society. Prisons are also expected to function as curative and correctional centers, treating the inmates humanely and respecting their Human Rights.




(i) To provide fire safety education, fire prevention, fire suppression, fire fighting services.

(ii) To undertake search and rescue operations during accidents, calamities etc.,

(iii) To provide emergency and medical services.



            For the day to day functioning, the activities of the department are grouped as A) Operational: There are 6 zones [viz., Bengaluru (2) Mysuru (1), Mangaluru (1), Hubballi (1) and Kalaburgi (1)] each zone is under supervision of Chief Fire Officers and ranges are under supervision of a Regional Fire Officer, who has control over 3 to 4 districts. B) Training:  A well established R.A. Mundkur Fire and Emergency Service Academy is imparting basic training to newly recruited FSO, FM, FD and DM. And also refreshers course to in service Officer's and personnel. C) Maintenance: The department's fire fighting vehicles and pumps are maintained by a well established workshop with skilled technicians. D) Communication: The department has a well established wireless communication system to maintain the communication. 



·         Out of 212 fire stations, 173 fire stations are functioning in permanent buildings, 17 fire stations buildings are under construction. 15 fire stations are in temporary buildings, 07 fire stations are functioning in rented buildings. 

·         Total 2509 quarters are available for the officer's/staff working in 212 fire stations. 232 quarters are under construction by KSPHC. The percentage of available quarters is 39.15%.



            These are auxiliary services which involves voluntary service to basically assist the police in the maintenance of law and order and to play a vital role in protecting the lives and property of the people during natural calamities like floods, fire, earth quakes, and other man-made disasters.




             The Department of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement Board  looks after the welfare and resettlement of defence personnel, ex-servicemen and their dependants, war wounded, next-of-kin of battle casualties and their dependants. Its main objective is to help ex-servicemen to become part of the civilian mainstream through reskilling and training and to ensure that those who need assistance and enabled to lead a life of dignity. 




          The establishment of a separate and independent Department of Prosecution has been done for the effective conduct of prosecutions in heinous cases and to ensure that the materials collected during the course of investigation by the police are sufficient to make an accused stand trial in the Court of Magistrate or a Sessions Judge. In addition, supervision over the Government Civil Litigation work pertaining to the Courts of Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) and the combined Courts of Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) and Magistrate in the state is also entrusted to this Department.


(7) Karnataka State police Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation  Limited: 

The KSPH and IDCL was established in 1985 with the purpose of undertaking construction of police building in 6 crores to mandate  was  expanded to 500 crores.  


        The objectives of KSPH and IDCL are to 

(i) Construction of building and providing services as per specifications will be carried out by fulfilling intended user requirements ensuring optimized quality and achieving sustainable development. 

(ii) comply with the adopted ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard and ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System Standard and continually improve the efficiency of the project resources to ensure cost effective and timely deliveries. 

(iii) continually improve the competence of its personnel to meet the changing needs of business for e-Governance and shall implement e-governance in phases for all business processes ensuring complete transparency and the right of public to obtain information.


IV. The Acts, Rules, Regulations, instructions and manuals used by the employees of Home Department in discharging its functions: 

(a)   Acts 

i) The Karnataka Police Act 1963.

ii) Home Guard Act 1962.

iii) The Karnataka Cinema Act 1963.

iv) The Karnataka Cinema (Regulation) Act 1964

v) Karnataka Prisons act 1963.

vi) Karnataka Prisoners act 1963.

vii) Civil Rights Act 1964

viii) SC / ST (Harassment) Act 2002

ix) Official Secret Act

x) ESMA Act

xi) Cofeposa Act 1974.

xii) Christian Marriage Registration Act

xiii) The Karnataka Civil Service Rules (RPPP) Act (1957-2008)

xiv) The Karnataka State Services (Determination of Age ) Act 1974

xv) The Karnataka Lokayukta Act

xvi) The Karnataka Administrative Tribunal Act

xvii) The Karnataka Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Drug-Offenders, Gamblers, Goondas, [Immoral Traffic Offenders, Slum-Grabbers and Video or Audio Pirates] Act, 1985.

xviii) The Arms Act 1959

xix) Private Security Agencies (Regulation)Act 2005

xx) National Security Act 1980

xxi) The Commissions of Inquiry Act 1952

xxii) The Fire Service Act 1964

xxiii) Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 1976

xxiv) Karnataka Control of Organised Crimes Act 2000


 (b) Rules 

i) The Karnataka State Police (Disciplinary Proceedings) Rules 1965

ii) The Karnataka Prisons Rules 1964

iii) The Karnataka Cinema (Regulation) Rule 1971

iv) The Karnataka Civil Services (CCA) Rules 1957

v) The Karnataka Government Servant (Seniority) Rules 1957

vi) The Karnataka Civil Services (General Recruitment Rules) 1977

vii) The Karnataka Civil Services (recruitment for the posts of stenographers/typists) Rules 1983

viii) The Karnataka Civil Services (Conduct) Rules 1966

ix) The Karnataka Civil Services (RPP and P) Rules 1978

x) The Karnataka Civil Services (Medical attendance) rules 1963

xi) The Karnataka Civil Services (Typists and Junior assistants /Second Division Assistant Change of cadre) rules 1985

xii) The Karnataka Civil Services (Special recruitment of SC/ST candidates to Certain Group A and B posts) rules 1985.

xiii) The Karnataka Civil Services (Performance report) Rules 1994.

xiv) The Karnataka Public Services Commission (Consultation) Regulation

xv) The Karnataka Fire force(Maintenance of Discipline and Removal from service)Rules1971

xvi) The Arms Rules 1962

xvii) Karnataka Home Guards Rules 1963


(c) Instruction, Manuals and others 

i) The Karnataka Prisons Manual 1978.

ii) The Karnataka Government Secretariat Manual of Office procedure

iii) The Karnataka of Contingent Expenditure Code

iv) The Karnataka Financial Code

v) The Karnataka Treasury Code

vi) The Criminal Procedure code

vii) Reservation for Ex-service men

viii) Reservation for women

ix) Reservation roster for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other Backward classes

x) The Departmental promotion committee

xi) The Executive orders, official memoranda, circulars and other general instructions issued by Government from time to time.

xii) The Karnataka Police Manual.

xiii) Home Guards Manual.

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